Aurora Rising




fog at Jones Lake copy

Jones Lake, A Carolina Bay  Photograph by Robert C. Clark 

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October dawn. A place that seems like a dream. Jones Lake State Park. Near Elizabethtown, North Carolina. This Carolina bay, gouged from the earth by a meteorite, thought some, lies upon the land, a forgotten pendant. Set amid a rim of green bay forest it is tranquil and shimmering, a jewel of a natural area. No stream, creek, or spring feeds this lake. It relies on rainfall … as do you.

The night before, the chilled air, heavy with dew, coated the land with silver lacquer. A million stars salted the night and come dawn a royal spectacle arrived. Aurora, goddess of Dawn, rose to spread her gown of gray over coral waters.

Perhaps Welch, a songwriter, passed through here. “I remember a talk about North Carolina and a strange, strange pond. You see the sides were like glass in the thick of a forest without a road. And if any man’s hand ever made that land, then I think it would’ve showed. Seems like a dream.”

Yes a dream … Perhaps you’ve never been to a Carolina bay. Perhaps you should. Put it on your list. Go early on a cold autumn dawn and see Aurora rising over one of Earth’s true mysteries.

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